About the office

The office that already Exist for about 30 years, engaged in civil and commercial law in all its diversity, focusing on the field of insolvency law, including liquidations, bankruptcy, receivership, suspension of proceedings and creditor arrangements for companies, organizations and individuals, which businesses faced financial difficulties. In addition, the office engaged in banking law and lawsuits, corporate law and consulting to business and real estate investments in the domestic market and in Eastern Europe, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, in cooperation with local offices in these countries. Another area that the office engaged in the domestic market is real estate investments involving "TAMA 38" projects.

The office founder, Advocate Ilan Moriano, that have many years of expertise in the above areas, receives appointments from the court and among the list of attorneys appointed by the official asset liquidator, liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy cases. His work in these fields was highly valued both from the Court and from the official asset liquidator.

In addition, Advocate Ilan Moriano writes professional articles in his specialization, for economic and legal sections of the press and participating in radio and television programs in legal sections providing legal advice to the public.

To Advocate Ilan Moriano joined Advocate Uri Leventer, which did his internship in the office and brings with him many years of diverse business experience in all of the areas that the office engaged in

.The office is characterized by quality and high personal and professional standards, insisting on the highest quality legal treatment, efficient, accessible and effective